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Navigating the legal landscape of family law can add stress to both you and your family members. You might have questions or not know where to turn. Here at Donald B. Phelps Law Corporation, we strive to be a resource for information when it comes to family law. We encourage you to read our blog for helpful information and tips. Contact us today for more information or if you have other questions.

  • single parent
    Adjusting to Single Parenting

    Adjusting to single parenting can be a difficult transition for you and your children. There are many things to consider, such as child support payments and splitting parenting responsibilities. To help make this process as easy possible, the family lawyers in Vancouver at Donald B. Phelps Law Corporation would like to provide the following recommendations:

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  • Divorce lawyers protecting your finances
    7 Ways a Divorce Lawyer Can Protect Your Financial Interests

    If you are going through a separation or divorce, ensuring that you protect your financial well-being is an important issue. Divorce can lead to great financial difficulty if you don’t get your lawful share of the assets and if you consent to a support arrangement you later realize is unfair. Finding an effective divorce lawyer in Vancouver can help ensure that you walk away with a deal you won’t regret when it comes to finances.

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  • Child support in canada
    How Does Child Support Work in Canada?

    If you and your partner have a child together and are facing the prospect of divorce or the breakdown of your relationship, child support will be a key legal issue you must face. How are child support payments determined in Canada? The amount of support payable depends on your incomes, the number of children, and how your children’s time is divided among you.

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  • Working with a divorce lawyer
    5 Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

    According to Statistics Canada, an average of four in ten marriages end in divorce. But numbers are small comfort when it’s your own divorce looming. Often, the dissolution of a marriage is a tumultuous and taxing event that can be draining physically, financially and emotionally. While it may seem counter-intuitive, in the majority of cases hiring a divorce lawyer can alleviate many of the hardships involved. In Vancouver, Donald B. Phelps Law Corporation is a good choice as our legal team deals exclusively with matters pertaining to family law. Here’s how a divorce lawyer can lessen your difficulties as you wade through the challenges that come with ending a marriage.

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  • Getting a restraining order from a family law firm
    A Brief Guide to Family Protection Orders (Restraining Orders)

    When you feel the safety of you or your children is at risk by a spouse or former spouse, family lawyers often recommend getting a restraining order or a family protection order as it’s called here in BC. Hiring Donald B. Phelps Law Corporation to help you oversee the process can ensure the details are quickly managed. While working with a family lawyer in Vancouver isn’t necessary to file a restraining order, having one can facilitate and expedite the process. In addition, a lawyer will be able to more effectively explain your case.

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  • Family lawyer work
    How to Find a Family Lawyer that’s Right for You

    A clear-headed search for the right family lawyer in Vancouver is often clouded by emotions and the desire to get through divorce proceedings as quickly as possible. But that can lead to hiring a bad match for your case.

    That’s why it’s important to take some time to fully assess your situation before beginning your search for an attorney.

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  • Signing a divorce settlement
    Tips for a Financially Successful and Peaceful Divorce Settlement

    Any divorce lawyer in the Vancouver area could tell you that divorces are emotionally charged and difficult affairs. Unfortunately, they’re also financially disruptive. Although it’s hard to let cool heads prevail, it’s not necessary for divorce settlements to get quite so challenging. If you keep your emotions under control, you will become better equipped to handle the situation and avoid financial hardships at the end of the divorce.

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